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Foxycart Side Cart Distorting Webflow Page

I’m looking for a Foxycart expert who can help us with display issues we’re having with the side cart on a Collection page.

This is how the page looks with the side cart closed:

This is how the page looks with the side cart open, the contents are shifted down:

This issue doesn’t occur on any other page on the site when the side cart is opened.

Can anyone help with this?

Read only link
Please go to the Restaurants collection page.


I visited that page in Microsoft edge (current build, Windows 10 Pro) and did not see an issue. If you are experiencing issues on the front end of your website please share the URL and include information about the browser you were using, the version, and the operating system of your computer.

@webdev Thank you for helping with this. Here is a URL: Cloudchef

I’m using Google Chrome, Version 90.0.4430.93, on Mac OS.

When I tested I use the webflow,io address. Edge uses the Chromium engine (same as Chrome). When I visited your published URL the issue shows. What is the difference between staging and production?