Foxycart Integration Basic Questions

I want to integrate foxycart into my webflow design. However I’m having some issues.

Firstly, I need different products (cms items) to be styled differently in the grid. However, it seems styling is applied to all items universally with no option to override?

Essentially, I need a three product grid, with the middle product with drop shadow and a different colour border to make it stand out.

Also there seems to be no control over ordering the products within the grid. It seems to be done in order of when the items are added, with no subsequent ability to rearrange the grid, which is frustrating.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @SamDaman

If you are following Foxy’s template remember that is just one way to display the items and lists.

Are you able to provide your read only share link so we can take a look at the structure you are using so far, also how many products will the site be selling, categories needed, variants etc?

Here’s some more info on styling CMS collection lists, items, template pages and filtering what is shown in the grid/collection list:

Hey, sorry I can’t share because it’s confidential for a client, and they’ve specifically asked me not to show anybody.

However it’s only 4 products. They are all recurring subscription based products. In order to make it work, I’ve created four CMS collections, with one product in each collection. This allows me to insert a collection list into a div, and just have the single product there (I can’t think of another way to do this)

My design is far away from foxycart’s template. It’s more of a landing page, with 4 products available for purchase.

I should have thought more about ecommerce integration at the beginning, I thought we’d be able to use shopify but the styling limitations have put me off it.

Hi @SamDaman

As you only have 4 products, you may not actually need to use the CMS - @foxy could confirm that:

If you do want to use the CMS - there is the option of having the 4 items in a product collection, and giving them a # number field. You can then control a grid ‘sort order’ by that number.

If you wanted to use Foxy’s inventory (just in case you needed limited subscription availability) I believe you would need all 4 to be in a ‘product’ collection.

Sounds like you may have things sorted now anyway…but hope the above is useful.

@StuM Thanks for the nudge.

@SamDaman Nice to meet you! Unless you need auto inventory control, I think you could get by without using Webflow’s CMS. Like @StuM pointed out, you can use any number of methods to create a Foxy product.

We’re more than happy to walk you through things and even put together some demos you can copy. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.


That would be great @foxy could I message you the link.

Also I can’t find a good tutorial that doesn’t involve CMS or any clear tutorial. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards


Hi @SamDaman.
Absolutely. Feel free to message me a link. We have tutorials for non CMS products available here: (last 2 links) Let us know if you have any questions.