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FoxyCart category question

Sorry for the newbie question - I’m building my first ecommerce site with WF and FoxyCart and have a question regarding the setup of Categories, after playing with the FoxyCart Webflow Template, it appears Categories are set as a Collection List, but I’ve noticed there’s a Category section in FoxCart’s admin dashboard (example below). Do I need to use both, or just the WF categories pls?

Hi @ConnectCreativeDes.
Foxy categories are used for shipping, tax, bulk discount, and other settings. They are separate from categories setup in Webflow (to organize your products) but they can match if needed.

My recommendation is to not worry about Foxy categories just yet. Feel free to email back (if you haven’t already) and we can work through things.


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Great, many thanks! Off to start the build right away :slight_smile:

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