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Foxy Variants - Price Increase


I am currently setting up an e-commerce store with Foxy + Webflow.
Everything for which guides / examples exist is going fine and dandy.
But I am having a problem atm due to not being very experienced and the lack of public answers regarding this topic, searched both the forum here and foxy’s and nothing seems to come up.

Been exchanging emails with the guys from Foxy because in all the questions regarding this situation here on the forum they say they will reach via DM, but regardless of them generally only taking 24h at getting back it’s being a really slow process to get some definite answer.

So I was thinking maybe someone around here who managed to get help via DM could shine a light on this or share a project in read only mode featuring a similar situation, so this is a bit faster.

The situation is really simple actually:

I need Foxy to recognize 2 types of variants and update price on one of them.

1 - size - doesn’t change the price and the only requirement is that the store manager receives the info regarding which size was chosen - this one is sorted

2 - lenght - increases in leght will increase the price (values are previously defined, so it’s a case of Product X with 5cm = 10€, Product X with 10cm = 12€) - this one i am lost about the custom code i should add, foxy’s dynamic price calculation script has been added

Everything is set up via CMS and working according to the basic example foxy provides.

(The main reason we are using foxy instead of webflow’s ecommerce is due to Stripe’s limitations when integrated in webflow, I am aware this is really easy to setup via webflow. )

Thank you so much.

Hi @mmf.
I think we’ve covered everything via email, but please let us know if we missed anything.