Developer Build needed

Hey all - maybe be one of the craziest ever (soontobe?) start-ups from Amsterdam here!

What we are seeking:
A freelance developer, ready to build Booking/Calendar/Extensive customization
build for an E-commerce web-shop in WebFlow.

Expected launch:
Sept - or this Autumn.

Other details:

Write us a DM with short real deal upfront - time, money, other resourcing expectations.
If You are from Eastern European (European passport!) country, that’s maybe even a
relocation to Amsterdam opportunity.

What we do:
Very bad and very good stuff. This is a video of our team pouring gasoline on people - so we can get You a stripper, we can make your kids birthday party really happen, we can actually kidnap your unsuspected friend and leave him in the forest. Possibilities should be always endless!

If You think, that wow - I would so much like to be part this company, let’s get the conversation going.

Btw - if You asked me, what I did for a living - one moth ago, this would be my answer.

But because we want to let people to prank their friends with customized experiences they created on their own - e-commerce site build is my main concern for the summer.

Always colorful and positive -


Hello Adam,
Please check your PM.
Anna J

@ChuckleAdam Just messaged you. :slight_smile: