Foxy-customizing product pages, what is possible?

Actually I have several questions regarding Foxy.
1.) Are there any limitations in terms of creating custom product page layouts and adding functionality to those product pages? We are aiming for something like this
and (mainly the right hand side of that page) plus any follow up pages once you have clicked on the “Add to order” button at the bottom right.

2.) All our product pages will be bi-lingual ( so each product comes once in English language and once in Japanese) How can we achieve Image alt text for each language, do we need to have two copies of the same image?

3.) Checkout-we don`t need an online payment option but rather an estimate produced at the end of the checkout process

4.) If we use Foxy do we still need to sign up to Webflowes rather expensive ecommerce plans?

5.) And what plan do we need to sign up to as we actually won`t have any transactions in the sense of getting paid directly through the checkoput. And is US$250/month for the Advanced plan acurate? Not a lot cheaper then Webflow then.