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Fovero Template theme help

Hi there,

I’m having a few issues trying to replace images in the Fovero template theme.

How do you replace the ‘hero section 2 image 2’ and the ‘hero section 2 image 4’ in the ‘Home Trendy Store’?
I can see the section but I can’t find where the images are?

Also the ‘gallery section’ on this page - where do I find the gallery images and how do I update them?

The eCommerce section is quite tricky to update if you are a newbie. Any help will be most appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only: CLICK HERE TO VIEW


the image seems to be set as a background image for the “Hero Section 2 Image 2”-div :slight_smile:


And for the “Hero Section 2 Image 4”-div, it seems to be a background image coming from the “Product Image”-CMS collection set in the “Product image”-div.


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Thank you - I checked this out and it worked.