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Saw this in my feed today. Watched it, then watched it again. You should watch it.

Edit: Apparently this video was posted on TNW 3 months ago but I hadn’t seen it. Great video nonetheless.

Anyone else paused the video to try and read the writings on the wall?


There’s the same story told by @callmevlad in a @PixelGeek video podcast and it’s unedited, I kinda prefer it. It’s a great story in itself, I don’t get why TNW feels the need to add drama music to it (:

edit: found it back!

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This is great, thanks!

It is good to know the backstory of how this product came to be.

Posted on Webflow in 10/2014.

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Because there are the types of people that need to be told when something is dramatic or funny. So, editors use the power of music and sounds to evoke emotions.

It’s the same thing as a laugh track. Some people need to be told when something is supposed to be funny.

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