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Found: CMS Bindings and Connections

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve found yourself altering one of your project’s CMS structures to meet the requirements of the project. However, after you’ve already created a structure, at times you run up to a wall when trying to alter or delete a field in your CMS. The system sends you a This is currently being used in bindings… (or something) preventing you from moving forward. This will usually result in you hunting all over your project to find the binding that is causing the block.
In the past, for me, Webflow support is wonderful at helping out with this, especially at crunch time when you least expect it.
Today, I discovered that Webflow has launched some features that will help you understand where to fix these issues.
Open up one of your CMS Collections and edit it via the cog/gear icon. Edit one of the Fields in your Collection by clicking on it. Once you do, you’ll see a little link icon next to the “Cancel (edit)” button. Click on it. You’ll see a modal dialog like this:

Now you’ll be shown where the bindings are that are preventing your Collection changes from working.

Wonderful, Webflow. Thanks for helping us find the problem using the system. I’m very grateful for their efforts. Keep it up!
I hope this helps someone out there who faces an issue altering their CMS data fields.


@Lux, yes this is something that has been requested for awhile and it is nice to see that it is in an easy to use system layout within each collection field. This way you need to remove from certain pages or collections the data you want to deleter or redo.

Happy to see you are enjoying this new feature.