Found a workaround for cms limitation but need a second pair of eyes for styling

I’m using the cms nest feature from finsweet and implemented it correctly, but my styling is off. I’m sure it’s a foolish mistake I’m overlooking but I cant seem to find it. I’m pulling the div at the bottom of the page into each job card. I just want the options (part time, full time, etc) to be a list on one line like the lines above it. Super simple but when I make changes to the collection list being pulled in, nothing seems to change like I think it will. Thanks for the second set of eyes, I appreciate it!

edit: The way I fixed it was to change the cms item’s “auto” size to a fixed size and back to an auto size. No idea what was going wrong but I was stuck on this for awhile and for whatever reason this worked. Hope this helps someone!

Regarding your styling issue, it’s easy to overlook something small that makes a big difference, especially when working with nested CMS features like in Finsweet. If you’re trying to get your options (part-time, full-time, etc.) to align in one line, ensure that your CSS display properties for these elements are set to inline or inline-block. This usually helps in lining up items horizontally.