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Forwarding domains to site -fixed-

Hello all,

I want to forward one of my domain to my page. Did a 301 redirect on the serverside, and it directs it to the site but the error message is Webflow refused to connect.

my domain is;
desired location is:

I have other hosted sites on webflow and I know how to do it on hosted plan, but for this website I’d like to keep using free cms features in the beginning.

I just wanted to make sure if this kind of directing possible?
I don’t want to mask domain name, just literally forwarding users to the free weblow site.

Any suggestions would be great,


@erbils I am having the exact same issue on two sites… set up 301 redirects to Webflow hosted domains (.com to and im getting the same error message!!!

Something seems wrong with your nginx config (or whatever interface you used to define the redirect)

When I run curl -I I don’t get a 301 redirect to I get a 503 error with a HTML page with a frameset that is trying to encapsulate your free page.

<html><head><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1"></head>
<frameset border="0" rows="100%,*" cols="100%"
frameborder="no"><frame name="TopFrame"
scrolling="yes" noresize src=""><frame name="BottomFrame" scrolling="no"

Most likely, Webflow blocks its free sites from being embedded like this in a frame. That’s probably why you are seeing “refused to connect”.

But, if you use a real 301 redirect, it works. Bitly uses a 301 and it works with your site:

@tommyboy82 , your redirects are also not configured properly. curl -I returns a 403 error.

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