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Forward IE users to a different page

Is it possible to show/hide specific sections on a browser basis, for example Internet Explorer? Almost like you can do with different breakpoints like tablet, mobile etc.? I’m experiencing quite a lot of bugs and weird designs in Internet Explorer, which makes me want to populate different versions of my site to different browsers. Something like this possible?

Thanks in advance.

Not that I know of without looking into some custom code. You’d be on your own with custom code unless someone here feels like helping.

I suggest you troubleshoot your site using the Webflow university tutorial videos

Likely it is an issue within your site and not a problem with the browsers.

Hey there,

I’d like to forward IE users to a different page. How would I do this with custom code and where would I need to paste it?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hi @jensvahle

I will close the topic because you opened another one for the issue you have.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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