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Forum suggestion

Just tried to edit a recent post and got “Body is too similar to what you recently posted” which is very restrictive.

Is this new? I don’t recall ever seeing this before.

This prevents us from making presentation edits where separating sentences between a few line breaks would improve the readability but is not necessarily changing the contents, it’s just formatting. Why should the forum care if the edit is too similar??? What is this feature protecting us/you against? We can only make drastic changes to a recent post?

Hey Phil, it looks like an anti-spam measure added by Discourse recently. We’re looking into relaxing/removing this check now - stay tuned.

Thanks Vlad. I knew it was something like that but just didn’t really conceptualize in my head how “not” changing or adding content to an already posted item could result in spam. =)

Ok, I found this that answer my question - - its limits people adding white space as a means to “bump” their thread/comment

and this to turn it off -

Alright. Should be updated.

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