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[Forum Bug] - negative numbers of replies?

Hey everyone,

Is anyone else seeing this - negative numbers of replies? Whenever I click into one of the affected topics, nothing loads.

Very strange, not seen this before.

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I am indeed also seeing this… odd.

If you order topics for lowest replies, you still get loads of them.
I get this in the console:

The affected topics won’t open.

Very strange!

@WebflowCommunityTeam are you aware of this?

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Thank you for alerting on this. We’re not seeing this bug, it may have resolved, but if someone else is, please let us know!

I’m still seeing them:

Could it be withdrawn topics which are displayed wrong?

If I click on one if them, an empty page opens up. I tried to open them through user profiles too (via “Activity”) but it only shows “No Activity”.

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Okay, thank you for that. We’ve flagged this bug to the Discourse support team.

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