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Forms- Want to make sure the url is correct - help

There was a very nice existing form on the template I purchased and I wanted to use it but was not sure how to code the url. Since my website has not been published when I test the form it does send the notification data back to my e-mail but I wasn’t sure if this would be true once I publish outside of Webflow where my domain is located.

Thanks to anyone for any bit of help you can offer,


Hey @fordsvilleweb

Here is a thread talking about this topic.

Hello AlexNRegular,

I read over the previous post but since I am signed up for a year right now I don’t plan on leaving and the only reason my website is being published to an outside source is I purchased the domain name from a company I have been with for over 10 years - long before I fell in love with your responsive software and signed up - I am a non-coder type. So, since I AM NOT LEAVING for at least a year what is the correct coding? Will it default and work as it is right now once published outside?

Thanks, I do tend to ramble.


If I am following you, you are going to export the code to your third party host and you are wondering if you form will still work?

The quick answer is yes your form will still work as long as you have your site on Webflow published. You can turnoff sub-domain indexing to prevent duplicate content issues.

This article should help; especially the part about exported forms further down the page.



Thanks, I just pulled that article up a few minutes before I got your message. A suggestion for your staff would be to make an easy to print version of your wonderful support pages - maybe PDF. If you have one on the page and I missed it - sorry. Just guide me to it.

I printed all 27 pages (I didn’t realize) and will read the whole thing in a few minutes. I am a read and re-read kinda person and I cling to loads of bookmarks and printed material jotted with pencil notes until I can remember the important stuff.

But I do want to save the trees and I recycle too.

I will study diligently.


I hope you find it useful.

I’m not actually Webflow Staff just a dedicated user. But I am sure that @cyberdave and @thewonglv will take your suggestion seriously.

You can also make Whish List / feedback items in the forum, but make sure to do a search for similar post we want to keep the duplicate content to a minimum.


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