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Forms - Unique Identifier Problem

Hey folks, looking for some help.

I’m building a survey based on a form in webflow. I want users to login to access the form. They will then complete the survey/form and upon clicking submit, it will return the results specific to their form entry. I’m unsure how to create a form which will have a unique identifier, as I need to auto generate the results for each user based specific to their completed form…

I’ve explored some tech that can support my solving this by the way of webflow forms > zapier > airtable, and using Memberspace integration for the authentication, however, I’m struggling to solve how to create this unique identifier and return the specific results.

I can’t find any discussion board on this topic, so I’m looking for some guidance please.

Hi @Yoda77 :wave: I’m not super clear on your ask other than a unique id on form submit. There may be a better solution if I understood your issue at a deeper level…

…but, just based upon what you’ve said I would add a new text field to your Webflow cms item.

Let’s say your cms collection was comments. I would add a new text field named “comment id” to it. When using Zapier to “Create a live item” in your Webflow cms (triggered by form submission), follow that step with another that will “Update a live item” into your Webflow cms with the unique id returned from your creation step.

When you create a live item from Zapier, Webflow shoots back it’s unique id. Store that unique id in a separate field that you can access. Now your Webflow cms item has a unique id that you can use :smiley:

You can follow a step-by-step setup of exactly how to do this, here: