Forms on my site not working

Made a form on my site and when i try to upgrade to hosting to customize the back end of my form it says its no longer available. How am i supposed to put an email or anything to receive responses from my form?

This part of you description is a bit vague- what says what is no longer available?
Some screenshots or a video of what you’re seeing would help.

Unfortunately if this is in Site Settings, a readonly link doesn’t provide access to view that part of your site setup.

When im in the form settings this is what it says on top i cant edit anything or change anything so i click that

once i click that i get this

Couldn’t guess. Have you setup hosting?
If so you shouldn’t see that green message at the top.

Could be the “Set up hosting” link is broken, so just click on the correct tab instead and setup hosting there.

If you can’t solve it you’ll neeed to message support, the community can’t help with site settings or systems bugs. I’d probably let support know anyway so they can fix that link.

i dont even see where to get hosting