Forms/Navigator bug

I’m having some major issues inserting a contact for on my page. When I place the form Block element into the page, everything is fine until I start editing. Then all of a sudden I get shot to the bottom of the page where all I see is gray and the Navigator information disappears. The little editor popup also disappears once the bug happens and doesn’t come back.

Clicking on the Navigation tab does nothing however clicking on the pages tab brings me back up. Once again clicking on the Navigator tab or editing the form shoots me back down where I can’t do anything. Again, I still can’t see anything on the navigator panel.

I temporarily solve this by clicking on the pages tab to bring me back up where I can then click on the forms block to delete it and a few clicks back and fourth between the Pages and Navigation tabs will eventually bring back the Navigation information where I can see it. I’ve tried this several times in different placements and the issue repeats itself every time.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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  • Try to put the form on a blank page to see if the problem came from Webflow.
  • quit your browser
  • clear all cookies
  • Try a different browser
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I bolded the solution on your reply.