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Forms < input type hidden >

This may be a nubie question. I tried searching the forums and can’t find an answer.

I have a constant contact list, and I want to be able to allow the users of my website to be able to signup for. In order to to that I need to put some hidden values on the form like this

                    <input type="hidden" name="llr" value="xxxxx">
                    <input type="hidden" name="m" value="xxxxxxx">
                    <input type="hidden" name="p" value="xx">

But I cant find any way to do this other than editing the html after exporting it. Am i missing something or is this feature missing from webflow?

OK… so, as is common, you ask for help, then stare at it for a little longer and all of a sudden the answer becomes obvious.

Use the “embed” funtionality to add hidden values to the form.

I figure I’d answer my own question here in case someone else has the same problem in the future.

Yeah but it would be good to pin at least @thesergie, @danro and @callmevlad here. This should be added to forms <input type="hidden" />. Plus it would make your code cleaner. Now you will get values within div block embeded-code.

Can someone shed light on how to integrate Constant Contact (CC) with the built-in Webflow form validation/AJAX submission? Is it possible?

I’ve attempted adding the same hidden forms from my CC form, naming/ID-ing all form fields the same as the CC form, but it only returns an error when I try submitting.

Would appreciate any help - thanks!