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Forms handling and settings

Hi guys,
I’m having a question regarding the forms.
So, my website isn’t 100% ready yet, but i did export it to my client’s already purchased domain. Before that, I changed in my site’s setting the email to which the forms are sent, with an email my client provided. The emails reach my client which is great, but…
what happens with the form handling (which is now from after i export the site, and the website is ready?
I only have a monthly plan, and at this time I don’t want to extend it.
So, who will handle my forms?
sorry if all this is silly, I’m really new to this.

the read-only link is preview

also, this is what i entered in the form fields


According to my knowledge you would have to integrate a 3rd party provider. But I might be wrong. :wink:

thanks VladimirVitaliyevich. I’m a rookie all the way, but happy to learn. So I had no idea form handling goes to 3rd party.