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Forms Data not reaching us

Hi all we have an urgent issue in that our simple email signup forms on our website are not working. We do not receive a confirmation email, nor does the data appear in Webflows form list.

The forms are on the ‘Contact’ page, and bottom of the individual product pages: Ascension, Equilibrium, Falloff, Fallon, Descension etc

Can anyone help?

Update: it turns out the data is being recieved by weblfow however on first appearance it is not visible. No idea why it is displaying like this:

1st screengrab is what i seen when opening forms tab. i have to click ‘show more’ 3 times to get to the recently submitted.

This still does not resolve why I am not recieving to my email

hey @hms I’d recommend reaching out to Webflow support directly ( , since they will have the insight & tools to properly troubleshoot this. Since we don’t have access to the backend, whatever we say will be purely guess work :slight_smile: