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Forms: Customizing Notification Emails

Hi All!
This could be a very stupid question but I’m struggling to find any answers for it so here goes.
I’m trying to create a website as fast as possible for my friends wedding.
The website is to include the time, place, registry and accommodation nearby so all pretty simple, but there also needs to be a form where people can RSVP and enter in specific details.

I’d like to send the guest, who RSVPs on the website, a notification email.
However, I’d like to customise that notification email that the guest receives.
Is there anyway to do this without entering the e-commerce environment since its more a confirmation and not a receipt or proof of payment?

Basically just trying to also make this a cheaper method than paying for e-commerce services.

If there is no way, any suggestions on plugins or custom code would be appreciated (:

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