Forms are not reaching the destination?!

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had a site running successfully for 2 months but now in the last few days the forms that are submitted are not making it to my clients inbox - they all still appear in the forms ‘log’ that I can view on the dashboard, but he is not getting his orders - bit of a worry. Anyone know anything? Urgent help please and thank you!


We have successfully sent email to his address so we know that works

Hi @Scott75,

I’d recommend running your client’s email address through the Zerobounce Email Verifier to see if there is a do_not_mail status.

In case your client’s email is role-based, it’s worth noting that role-based emails (eg. admin@, info@, support@, hello@, reception@…) typically are blocked by email providers/hosts.

You can read more on why not to use role-based emails here: What Are Role Based Email Addresses

When role-based emails are used, they are commonly blocked by email providers because they have a high bounce rate, a high opt-out rate, and get more than their fair share of spam complaints. Role accounts are often used to blacklist senders that get caught sending to “honeypot” spam traps. Furthermore, since spam compliant email systems require explicit consent by a real person, it is difficult to prove an individual actually gave you permission to send an email to reception@.

Changing the email address to a name-based email (eg. Jane@, Jim@, Joe@,…) and re-publishing the Project should do the trick!

Hope this helps!

Adding to Milan’s great advice;

  1. Check your Form settings to make certain your client has not accidentally clicked the Unsubscribe link. If he has - or has forwarded the notification email to one of his clients, who clicked it… - his email will be missing from the form recipients. Just add it back in.
  2. Have him add the notification sender as a whitelisted address to his email provider. It will help prevent spam and blocked emails.

Thanks Milan,

Great advice, will do this straight away and see what I find!

Thanks Michael,

I haven’t got any subscription links in there but definitely something to be wary of, thanks, great point!

OK some interesting things; he dived deep into his junk inbox and found the missing orders?! We changed his address to Robert@ and republished, same result - all webflow forms (orders and contact us) went to the junk box. Personal emails from me and also direct email from the website link button (both still to info@) go directly through to inbox??

He has web flow in his contacts and flagged as priority.

He also mentioned they both are alias’ that get fwd on to his personal gmail account if that makes a difference?

I’ve now changed the address to my own and it works fine so issue must be at his end? But anything else for him to look for would be helpful. And thanks again for anyone who has spend time thinking about this - much appreciated!

Yeah, spam filters do their best, some are smarter than others.
Your client’s email provider is where you need to look.

It sounds like the main answer is Whitelisting, to minimize the chance that those messages will get flagged as spam.

Another option is to skip email notifications altogether and use a more reliable approach.

It doesn’t sound like this is your problem, but it’s important to be aware of for the future.

Unfortunately, in Webflow’s forms notification settings, they’ve been forced to include an unsubscribe link on every single form notification email.

Sometimes your clients will get confused, if a spam message comes through, and click it- not realizing they are unsubscribing from ALL future leads as well.

The bigger problem is if you use the Reply-To templatting feature that Webflow has. If you have set up your notifications so that your client can just click Reply, and have that go to the person’s email who filled out the form, then THEY get the unsubscribe link too. And yes they can click it. And yes that will unsubscribe your client from everything.

Thanks Michael, great response! Will get it tested tomorrow!!

Whitelisting was his solution, he dug deep into his google settings and found how to unblock the address - thanks again to everyone!!