Forms, and the order of input fields

I am designing a form for online booking.

Everything is looking good, but on the finished page, when the user is inputting their data, the fields do not tab in what I would consider an expected order. I really need to adjust that, or customers may be potentially confused.

Is there an easy adjustment for this?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - RealVue - Advanced Imaging for Real Estate

You can specify the tab order using the Tab Index setting for each field. Number them 10, 20, 30, etc to make it easy to insert new elements into the tab order sequence later. The lowest number will be focused first.

Michael - I’ll need to figure out where the tab index settings live. Can’t see them at a glance, but I have also been staring at this screen for 13 hours and it’s time to retire for the evening. Will try and look that up in the AM. Thank you.

Not sure if I’m hallucinating, but I’m not seeing it either. It may have been removed, or I may be thinking of another platform.

You should be able to specify it directly using custom attributes;


Hello again Michael. You saved me research time! Both of your solutions worked great and I am in business. Thank you for your help.

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