Formly Multistep + Facebook Ads Tracking + Hubspot


I apologize if this is a repeat question. After searching for a few days I have not found a relevant thread/solution.

I have a Facebook Ad directing people to a landing page built on Webflow. This landing page has a multistep form that is created with the help of Formly []. Once the form is completed the data is sent over to Hubspot using Webflow Logic. This is all working great, however, when the Hubspot contact is created it does not contain any information on which Facebook Ads lead to the landing page or that it even came from a landing page. It is simply recorded as an offline integration.

I have the Hubspot tracking code installed and have tested it to make sure it is firing as well. Can you direct me to a resource or ideas on how I can make it so that when the Hubspot contact is created it also tracks the Facebook AD that generated the traffic to the landing page?

I should mention I have tried using the Hubspot integration to map the fields but that did not work, as the form when submitted did not create a contact in Hubspot. Possibly because of the Formly integration?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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