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Formatting text in tab pane with varying styles


I have my set paragraph style set in the tab pane content for a tab system.
However, I would like to select a bit of the text and assign a different font style (line height).
How can I successfully do this?

Whenever I attempt to drag an additional text box, div, or container into the tab pane block, it won’t let me and gives a warning.

Is it possible to assign combo classes in the tab pane to assign various text styles within the tab pane space?

Thank you.

As I understand you want to change a slight portion of the text to a different font. You can do this by selecting the portion and then right clicking and going from there. Contact me if you have any problems with that or need extra help. :wink::blush:

I want to alter the line height of a few specific sentences so they are not so spaced out. I need to somehow create a new class to do this without impacting or “playing off of” the parent instance of the rest of my paragraph text.

Make sense? - I do not think, in this case, right clicking will do it. It will need it’s own assigned class to make specific style alterations.

Stil not quite understanding. Maybe some screenshots with directions would help. Anyway, I would not completely give up on the right click feature. I think it’s called wrap text and you could perform a lot of features with it and create your own class in it if needed. Hopefully this helps. :wink:

I selected one of the sentence in my main paragraph and chose that wrap feature - which simply creates a span tag behind the scenes. - Then, I gave this selection a custom class name and proceeded to attempt to change the line height, etc - I realize this is the issue. I had the line height set to 33px, and I need to reduce this. It only lets me increase, but not decrease it back to zero, 1 or even a negative #.

Now I have pinpointed my issue. Can you please advise?

Again, please advise how I can custom control the line height if it won’t allow me to? What else needs to happen with that specific selection of lines of text where I made and ‘wrapped as a span’ with a custom class name?

Can you please share your public share link with me. It becomes a little difficult to visualize the steps to take for your site. Thanks! :wink::+1:

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