Formatting only some text within a text box; text span destroying formatting

I am attempting to store poetry on this webflow site, which sometimes requires certain words or phrases to have their own formatting. I tried using text spans, but it destroys the formatting of the text box and I can’t seem to fix it while maintaining the text box. Screenshots of what I mean are included; any help would be appreciated!

The word “Ohio” should be underlined

Using a text span


Can you please provide a read-only link to your website so we can look inside?


The link has expired, my guess is that you generated a new one.

Post the new read-only link without generating a new one please.

I believe the problem is that your text block is set to Flex.

Clear the span formatting, change the text block layout from Flex to Inline.

Now you should be able to edit spans without problems.

That worked, thank you!

Not a problem, glad I could help.