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Formatting menu bar


Can somebody help me with formatting the menu bar?
I’m trying to increase the indent on drop down items to show navigation level and not to have so much space at the right side.
Can I have the nav menu in mobile over right but not fill the whole page?

Thank you,

Hi @reejiang

You can accomplish this in two ways.

If you give your Dropdown links a class (i have called it “Dropdown Link”) And and padding on the left side of 40px. You can indent your Dropdown links to show the level. you would then need to add this class to each of your Dropdown Links.

The other way is to add a class to the Dropdown List (this is the element that holds all of your Dropdown Links).

You can then add padding to the left of the entire list and it will also give you soe indentation and show levels between links :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much, @tim
I will give a try

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