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Formatting issue on Chrome and Safari on mobile

For some reason, an element on one of my landing pages displays correctly in the Webflow designer but does not display correctly in live view on a mobile device using either Chrome or Safari.

Website (read-only link):

Landing page: Home Window Cleaning

Display Port: Mobile Landscape and Portrait

Section: content block

Element: fancy list item

Screen shots:


Hey @mark1 thank you so much for the detailed post!

Could you try making the following style change to your “Fancy list item” element for the Landscape viewport (should translate down to mobile as well)

Hi @Waldo , I made those 3 changes but that doesn’t seem to fix it. It’s still displaying the same as the screen shots in live browsers. And that’s with cache refreshed.

Hey @mark1 I just noticed that you have some custom CSS in your site for the “Fancy list” elements, can you please delete that? Then, could you please try the following flexbox styles on your “fancy list” element?

@Waldo, yes, that resolved my issue. Thanks so much for your incredible support!!!

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