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Formatting image gallery with Flex

Hi there,

My photo gallery formatting is terrible - they are all skinny… I have created a grid, but I can’t get my collection list in there, how do I get this looking good?

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hi @rosespotdigital there are two ways how to

Flex solution (as you have it set to flex already)

  1. collection-list-3 |=> flex wrap
  2. sizing base 25% will set 4 images in row 33.333% 3 images etc


CSS Grid solution

  1. collection-list-3 |=> Grid
  2. add columns as you need
  3. collection-item |=> width: 100%
  4. collection-item |=> in setting (cogwheel) set layout full width


Hope that this basic setting will give you good starting point.

Awesome thank you, so much better!

hi @rosespotdigital if you do not have further questions feel free to close your request as solved. :wink:

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