Formatting Image Gallery Tabs

I have a thumbnail gallery laid out with the Tab Link thumbnails above the Tab Content panes. When I select the other thumbnails other than the 1st thumbnail the 1st thumbnail goes back to being the grey, imageless box it was prior to me assigning an image to it.

Also when I publish the site in another tab the images appear to be distorted and not to scale. Is there a setting I can set to make the images scale better?

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This was a hard one to crack.
The first tap Commercial Hospitality has an ‘Current’ status attached to it. In this state the tap has a width off 20% and a height off 90px.
Now in ‘Element Settings’ in ‘Tabs Settings’ make Tab 2 the Current setting.
Now when you go back to Style you will see that the first ‘Commercial Hospitality’ (click fort and back) is no longer "Current’ and has no ‘Width’ or ‘Height’.
Make the Width and Height the same as the other tabs and everything works fine.
Because you don’t see the ‘normal’ state of the tap you miss this.

Thank you so much HGWeb. That did the trick. I was wondering if you could tell me why do you think the images on the right (which is displayed on a 32" screen) are stretched off and cut off, vs. the images on the left are placed and sized how I prefer (on a 13.5" screen)? Is there a setting I am not selecting correctly?

You could give the section a max-width, and an auto-margin for left and right. So it won’t stretch that far on a bigger screen.