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Format issues with HTML tables when embedded

I’m trying to embed HTML tables into tabs but each time I do, the format gets all jacked up. I’m using MX Excel to build the tables, then saving them as a webpage, then pasting that code into an embedded element in the table pane.

Any suggestions?

So the problem is not related to tabs. Just embedding exhibits the problem.

It turns out that the first table will impact the other two. When I exclude the 1st table all is well. Include it, and the formatting is all wrong for all tables. When I combine all three tables into one long table, same problem. Follow that by deleting the content from the first table, the problem persists.

One curious thing is that when i open the working html in text wrangler, the all content is pre-selected. Do the same for the trouble html and the content is not selected.

I’ve tried comparing the files to look for something that jumps out at me but nothing. I feel like I’ve taken trial and error as far as I reasonably can.

It would be great if I could provide some files to support to see if you can recreate it.

Hi @forbin You can share your work Public Link here so we can open your work in read only mode to observe your problem (it won’t harm your work :smile: ) Go to your Site Settings to enable your Public Link.


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Thanks for responding. I just ended up taking screenshots of the tables and using those on the page instead.