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Form with phone number to text an app link

Hi all,

I was wondering if someone here in the community has any experience with setting up a form that allows the user to enter their phone number and then (connecting it with Twilio I guess?) the user gets a link to download something. Exactly like in this example:

Hey @DKDK01 this is 100% doable, I’ve done it. Depending on how comfy you are with setting up and maintaining technical APIs and Webhooks, Twilio is THE solution for something like this.

Hey @ChrisDrit are you aware of any “easy” methods for the less technically inclined? I know that’s sort of a loaded question haha but just wanting to know other options.

Also curious what route you took @DKDK01 ?

Sorry @Miles_Mitchell I don’t know of one off hand :frowning_face: but a lot of the power does come from learning how to glue all this stuff together, that said (and to your point) it’s certainly not easy for the less technically included. Maybe someone else can chime in with an easier solution!

Thanks for the quick response @ChrisDrit! I actually was able to get it set up with ClickSend + Zapier which was a lot easier than I thought. I saw APIs and was a little intimidated haha

One thing I’m getting held up on though is to pass an international code with the phone number in a single form field.

I’m using the javascript from this showcase: here and @dommarr recommended this solution to combine the international code and phone number:

2 steps:
(1) Add HTML embed element to your Form with the following:

(2) Edit page body code as follows:

input.on(“change”, function () {
input.intlTelInput(“setNumber”, input.val());
document.querySelector(’#phoneOne’).value = input.intlTelInput(“getNumber”);

This adds a new field to your form that is invisible to the user (see “hidden” in embed code). When the input field is changed, it will retrieve the full international number and insert into the hidden field.

What I get when I put Step 2 in the before tag is:

Any ideas on how to fix/accomplish combining the country code and what’s inputted in the phone field?

Appreciate anyone’s help on this! Surely it will be useful for others as well. :slight_smile:

My read only link: here

Published example of that page: here

Hey @ChrisDrit you can disregard my questions above! I figured out how to accomplish this in Zapier. Didn’t realize I could combine the data from the form together into one field with Zapier + ClickSend combo. :sweat_smile:

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Nice work :clap:


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