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Form validation of emailadres


I would like to have two email inputs in my form that can be validated with each other. The inputs need to be validated so we can ensure the user entered his right email adres twice. Anyone has any experience with validation of forms?

The email inputs that need to be checked are on this page:

Here is my public share link: **

I only see one email address field on that page.

Hi @samliew,

That’s true, there is one field right now because I first want to figure out how to fix the validation. Can you help me with that?

See this

Hi @samliew,

Thanks for the fast reply. Could you describe step by step how to implement this?
Would be very helpfull for other on this forum as well.

Thanks in avance

There is no correct or one-tutorial-fits-everyone solution for this, as It depends on how you set up the fields and how you want the error messages displayed.

As such, you can hire a freelancer to discuss your requirements in further detail if you don’t want to touch code or try something at all.

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