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Form Submit Button Not Doing Anything

So I just finished building a custom booking form for a client, and the submit button will not do anything, no error message no success message. I have some interactions on the page that hides elements within the form that contain input fields could this be the problem?

Or is this just a strange bug?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Maybe not the issue, but it looks like you’ve got a “Redirect URL” set in the form settings. You’ll never see the success message if that’s set.

I put the redirect logo to test and see if the button did anything which it doesn’t, no idea at what could be causing this @locase

Hello @TD3Marketing,

I can’t test the submit form button on the preview, can you share the published site link.


@Pablo_Cortes the last modal where it says “Please Confirm” the button “Send Booking Request” is the form submit button.

I fixed the problem, my custom JS was removing the values from the drop down menus, which is weird because there was no error message going through.

Hey @TD3Marketing, Im glad you found the solution, I was going to say what @locase mentioned earlier. On your form settings your Redirect URL was set for your website URL
When for all forms the submit button settings should look like this
Anyway, I’m glad is solved now.

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