Form Submissions

I noticed… after exporting the code - and installing it on my own server
— webflow still handles form submissions… in the webflow.js file.

Is using their mail servers a requirement ???

Also - in reviewing the code… I notice there are several / many references to webflow
— making it “not-so-white-labeled”… as I had hoped and thought.

you don’t have to use their mail servers. It’s just a nice option to have when you export the code.

The system appears to collect the form submissions.

I’ve started ripping it apart… and immediately noticed it does an ajax test.

Removing portions of the code - stops the site from working.

@Revolution According to what Dave had explain on this post, I can say if you left action field blank you told the form that you will let Webflow process when user do submit. Thus, webflow will collect sent messages.

But since you have exported your work, you may want and always be able to use your own/3rd party email processor like discussed on this next post.

Just a thought.

Hi @Revolution, using Webflow-powered forms is not a requirement, though we do have it set as the default since it’s the easiest option. If you export your code, you have several options:

  1. Change the action property on the form to point to your own server (PHP, etc)
  2. Integrate your form with you Mailchimp account (instructions here:
  3. Use an external forms provider like Wufoo, and embed that form using a Form Block

Forms are inherently hard since they include a server-side component, so it’s not possible for Webflow to completely remove the dependency without breaking the forms. I hope that makes sense :smiley:

indeed… adding a form action and method solves my issue.

Thanks pastiwibawa - for the info and the help.