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Form Submissions on Inmotion hosted site

OK guys, here is my obligatory first post, rehashing what has been discussed a million times, but no joke, I’m still hazy on it. Thanks in advance for dumbing it down for me, and I appreciate the help :slightly_smiling:

I designed a site for a lawyer friend with Webflow and am using the Webflow form submission. I am hosting the site with Inmotion Hosting. Now let me get this straight, since the site is hosted there, can she still receive form submissions?

Shes receiving them at the moment, but it’s a new site and she’s only received a few so far. Is this part of the “complementary form submissions” or part of the 500?

Thanks so much!!

So I’ve been reading and reading… I’m pretty sure these submissions are freebies, and I will need to host with Webflow to get the 500. Right?

One question, if I change any of the notification settings right now on Webflow, and don’t publish them to Inmotion (I don’t have access) will they take effect? Basically I didn’t configure the notifications correctly and made a change today and just published to the free Will that fix the form?

Thank you for any input!!

The number of included form submissions is based on whether you are on either paid hosting, or paid account. See this for more details ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

Yes, form submissions will still be sent to Webflow if your client didn’t modify the form. Also, do note if you delete the project on your account, the forms will display the error message. If you are not maintaining the project, I suggest the client create a separate account, and you transfer the project to the client.

Webflow will take that form submission and notify the recipient based on the template you set.

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