Form submissions not Working . Can't press the submission button

Hi @sam-g , thank you so much your answers above. I am also encountering the same problem with my multi-step form that has radio buttons. Hope you could help me too please :pray: :woman:t2:

Here’s my site link:

Hey @sam-g, I’m having the same problem. It seems like everything is fine, but when I click submit, it doesn’t /success or send to my forms submissions in dashboards. Anyway to fix this?

I have the same problem. My forms dont work and i tried everything, i am also a webflow noob and have no plan how to fix it. I already check the settings but i have no redirect url or something.
Here is the read only link for my project
Webflow - ProfilProfiNeu

It would be so great if you can help me.


@Jan_Rigsinger - you have a required field wrapped inside of a hidden div with the class of input

This div is hidden, but the input inside is required:


My site,, has a form. Enforced fields. The data is captured and holding in a list inside Webflow. Though it used to email me when this happened. I no longer receive any emails.

I’m on the starter plan. Not sure if this has any effect?!

@gocomputer - did you unsubscribe from the emails? From what I recall this is typically the reason why people stop receiving them.

I have same problem with contact us sec and newsletter noting work and second thing i need to see if somone click subscribe or contact us where the data will be i see in my cms 1 collection subscribe because i tested subscribe once and it worked but now nothing Webflow - Femto | Empowering your financial success

i have problem when i test in logic flow i got
Bad request
Status: 400
[cms] Item create failed. Site is published to multiple domains at different times
i have no idea what this mean

Hi @sam-g
I’m having the same problem, but I can’t see where it’s coming from.

Here are some screenshots and my website:


@Antony_Doria - you’re not getting the emails or the form won’t submit? I just tried the form and it seemed to submit just fine. On submit webflow shows a 200 ok message:


I don’t receive e-mails. The form does send messages.

@Antony_Doria - in that case I believe you need to reach out to webflow support as most likely you’ve unsubscribed and there is now way to resubscribe. You could try adding a different email address to confirm that the form submissions are actually being sent.

Yes, I’ve contacted Webflow support. Thank you for your reply.

Hi @sam-g I’m hoping you can help - when I complete the form settings on my Dashboard for some reason the “Save” button at the top is disabled so I can’t save my changes (I’ve completed all the fields). I’m on the starter plan if that helps at all. Thanks in advance

Hi I can’t get the submit button to work on the contact page it was working but I added the captcha so maybe that has something to do with it. I disabled it now and unchecked spam filtering. Help please! Thank you

link - Webflow - Quiet Spirit Counseling

Hi there, i have multiple forms on my new website, but i’m not able to get them to work:

Maybe somebody can help me! thank you very much!