Form Submission stopped

Hey all. My form submissions have stopped on all pages & I’m not sure why. I have a contact section, and I have a few things hidden, but none are required. Email submission works in my footer, but not in any contact sections.

Thanks in advance,

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]

  1. Check recaptcha. If you’ve enabled recaptcha in your site settings, then all forms must have a recaptcha element in order to submit successfully.
  2. Double-check your forms page. If data is coming through, you’ll see it at the bottom. If you’re just not getting the email notifications then Webflow will remove your email if someone clicks the unsubscribe link.

If neither of those are the case, then it might be a glitch with Webflow’s spam checking; you may need to contact support or consider a different form submission handler like Basin.