Form submission on GoDaddy

Hi everyone, I’ve built a website, exported and uploaded the code by the customer’s request to GoDaddy. Tried to use webformmailer.php for the form submissions, but it’s not working.
Does anyone know of a form mailer which actually work with GoDaddy and a website code exported from Webflow?

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You should be able to use this. What issue did you have? Did you try setting the form action?

You could choose a third party form processor like It works with webflow forms and has a free plan as well.

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Hi @webdev and thank you for replying.
Yes, I did set the form action exactly as they wrote in the article you sent. When submitting the form, I get a white page with the URL, no errors, just blank page.

Would you mind sharing the Published URL with me so I can look at the source code? Might be able to help you resolve your issue.

yes, off course. it is

Did you set the email value for the script as defined below?

actually I couldn’t find the form mailer icon, these are all the tools I see:

I suggest you open a trouble ticket with Godaddy support. They should be able to help you resolve the issue since it is not related to webflow.

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