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Form submission glitch?

When someone submits a form it misses out one of the columns which is their choice of text; see image.

Is it mandatory?
Did you give it a name that’s not a duplicate?
Is it inside the form?

[/ throwing up random questions, because without a link, there’s little other that I can do]

Can you please provide your read-only link so we can take a look?

it a bit mess

The problem is that the text people can type, is actually a text block. Not an form input field. So when people hit submit, the form field with ID “Text-3” with your class “Gold” has no value. Because it doesn’t / cannot convert the input in the text block.

See at the top right of this image.

Hi Dui,

thanks for the feedback,

how would one make this work .sorry still quite new to the game.

Any update on this Diu?

@Adam_Wright, I’d replace the text field with an input field. And make sure your JS that allows to type text on a product references to the input field.

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