Form submission emails not being delivered

I’m not receiving email notifications of web form submissions, they’re not showing up in the inbox nor the spam folder. I used to receive email notifications to the same email address just fine but now my test emails haven’t been going through. I have tested with another email address and that works fine.

I reached out to admins to see if their servers had flagged the emails but the admin said that their logs don’t even show that they got the automated email from webflow. Could they be blacklisted from within the webflow platform, is that possible?

(My form logs in webflow show that random marketing sites would fill out the form. So I’m concerned that all that spam activity might have made the webflow system flag my form submissions. I’ve since added recaptcha verification on the form.)

I also checked the network activity while I was sending the email and the response shows as 200, so I would assume that it was delivered at least to the titan email server, but they say logs don’t show it delivered.

Can anyone help me figure this out, bc I’m confused to no end rn? Any help would be appreciated.

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We (the community) have no visibility into the Webflow backend so nothing for us to help you with. I suggest you reach out to Webflow support for assistance.

Thanks for reaching out @webdev. I’ll definitely reach out to WF support and I’ll circle back and post they’re answer here.