Form stopped collecting data?


Im very new to Webflow and this is my first post, so hopefully the formatting is correct.

I recently inherited a Webflow site to maintain and ran into an issue with gathering form data.
I currently have a pop-out modal that collects user information (checkbox selections, text info, etc) which is then stored in the DB and used for emails/etc.

One of the fields (checkbox selection) recently stopped collecting the data and Im not quite sure where/how to resolve it. Basically, im not sure how to edit the form.

Any advice or tips on where/how the form submissions are being handled would be greatly appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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@cartifact How did you created the from ?

Have you the collection options in CMS, can you share some reference and screenshot ?


if you scroll down to “Products” > find any product > click “Request Sample” > theres supposed to be a modal that pops up. Im not sure why its not working in Designer. It works on production. Thats where the form is kept. Im not even sure how to view that modal in Designer. Hopefully the link I provided helps. Please let me know if theres anythig else I can provide that might be more helpful.

@cartifact I am seeing two request sample button, have you kept in intentional for testing ?

@Vignesh_Stack Honestly, im not sure why there are two. There is only one on Production

@cartifact Sorry about your situation, I would suggest you to check your CMS, Collection List, applied class, pop up form and button URL.

I suspect accidently request sample button would have copied inside the DIV, spend some time go through all functionality from CMS to pop up.

Also I see Could not load that page this collection has no item error I suggest you to check everything and republish the test environment.

After checking everything if you still face the issue raise a ticket to support @ webflow .com webflow provide email support Monday through Friday.

You can also check with their support bot with this URL

All the best

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