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Form states smooth transitions

Hi, here i am again :smiley: - I have two questions.

Here is my modal in its normal state:

and here’s my modal in its success state

How do i make transitions so that after the user clicks the send button, the form disappears quickly but smoothly and the sucess message loads in also smoothly?

Ive tried to set up interactions with the load trigger but nothing happens, ive also tried to use transitions but to no success whatsoever…

And lastly, here’s my modal in its error state

How do i make it so that when there is an error, the form disappears and the error message loads in (kinda like the success state is set up)?´

Thanks in advance for any help :smiley:

Hi @Kimmy, for that I believe you’d need your own custom action.php and custom javascript code.

Hello @anthonysalamin, hot damn that looks like a but too much sand for my truck, but thanks for the quick reply tho.
Do i also need custom code to have the error message appear without the form?