Form sent without a e-mail adddress?

Hello all.
I started a new Webflow website with a contact form. Now I get some responses that show no email address from sender. In the backend under the ‘Forms’ tab, in the ‘Form Submission Data’ I only see a single name (jones) for sender. Not a regular e-mail address.
This is SPAM, no drought, but how can this escape the Webflow SPAM filter?
The field in the form is set to ‘email’ so why is this accepted and send to me?
Anyone an idea?

Webflow does not process form fields with backend validation. Rather form processing relies on client side validation which is not always good enough. See Client-side form validation - Learn web development | MDN

Is there a way that Webflow adds this to its Logic in the future?

I don’t bother speculating on what Webflow may or may not do anymore, as I find it wasted energy. I do wish they were more transparent. You can add an item to the Wishlist if it does not exist (I have not looked). It could possibly get traction there.