Form sending isn't working

Hi guys!
I’ve got got a trouble with sending form: when I press button “Send Message” - nothing happens :frowning:
Appreciate your help in advance!

Public link: Webflow -

Hi @blackrose00961 :wave:

How about more details for us?

Is this a native Webflow form? Where are you sending it to? Into the native Webflow form submissions or have you hooked up Zapier/Make to it?

Walk us through your setup, the more details the better :smile:

Thank you so much for a quick reply!
1.The form is native
2.For now I’m just trying to submit it to native Webflow form Submissions
Here is my form settings:

Nothing immediately stands out, can you create a public share link for us?


@ChrisDrit There’s definitely smt wrong with the form itself, as I just added another one and it worked perfectly. But the initial one still isn’t…

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At quick glance it looks like you have a hidden form element of type “phone” that’s marked as required. So you submit the form without it filled out and it fails:

I didn’t dig into it much, so I could be wrong, but opening up the “inspect” tool in the browser gave me the clue I was looking for:

Hope that helps!

BTW… I like the site.

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@ChrisDrit Oh God you’re the best man!
Thank you so much you’ve done my day!))