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Form sender email with same domain

Hi guys,

Recently I have moved some of the websites to a new server and was not able to receive any of the forms from the websites.
I’ve talked with the support and they said the only way to receive forms from the website is through an email with same domain as the host. Is it possible to accomplish that?


Not quite sure what you are asking…

Can you restate the question ?

You are referring to self-hosting… Yes ?

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Sorry for the bad question.

My self-hosting plan doesn’t allow form sender being from outside.

Today I have emails from the forms coming from I would like to know if it is possible to change the sender name to, otherwise I will not be able to receive any emails.

I’m sorry. I am still a confused.

Perhaps use Google Translate to help.

Your said:

“My self-hosting plan doesn’t allow form sender being from outside.”
----- So you ARE NOT hosting with Webflow ?

“Today I have emails from the forms coming from”
----- So you ARE hosting with Webflow ?

“I would like to know if it is possible to change the sender name to”.
----- To send messages from
----- You must have the domain setup on a server
----- If the is not setup on a server… you will not be able to send messages from

No, I am not hosting the domain in webflow. Even if I am not hosting within webflow I can still use webflow form’s in the website and they will be sent from

I think it will be easier if you access the website:

Again my question is: Is it possible to change the sender to ?
Since I have changed to this new server the email’s are not receiving form messages anymore.

Sorry for the confusion :blush:

ok… makes a little more sense now.

I’ll try to explain this with a lot of detail… so I will be very verbose.

You are not using Webflow hosting.
Your domain is hosted on an external server… not Webflow
Tracing your domain… your domain appears to hosted with KingHost in Brazil

To send messages from
— you must have a 3rd level domain setup on Webflows servers
— example would be:… (or something like that)
— where “facilitasbrasil” is the 3rd level domain
— webflow is the 2nd level domain
— io is the first level domain

Your Question:
— Is it possible to change the sender to

Yes. Your domain is setup with KingHost.
— You should be able to create an email address with KingHost as “”

If you are trying to get Webflow’s servers to send the message as “”

  • they cannot… Unless Webflow is hosting your domain “”

Webflow can send out the message as
— because is hosted on Webflows servers

You want to change the “from address”… to “”.

Since KingHost is hosting your domain (…
— you should be able to send a message from “” from the KingHost servers
— but you cannot send a message from KingHost as ""
— because the domain “” is not hosted on KingHost’s servers.

The server that hosts the domain… is the only servers that can send out email with that domain name
— unless you are spoofing the domain name (which you should not be)
— or the server is setup as a relay (which you don’t want to do).

That’s what I was looking after, so it is not possible. The funny thing is I have other domain hosted in Kinghost and I am able to receive email’s from the form on that website. Trick thing… Anyway thanks for the feedback @Revolution, always saving!

well… this tells me I am not understanding something

  • that you are trying very hard to tell me,

if you are able to receive webflow messages at other domains… from the same host…

  • that poses a problem with me previous answer.

are you using a linux server with cpanel for your domains ?

Yes, that’s correct. I have a linux server with cpanel.