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Form Select "Other" should open a "please specify" textbox

Hi there,

I would like to ask people who sign up on my page how they know about me. I give them a couple of standard answers in a select dropdown. If they select “Other”, a textbox should show up, to allow them to specify how they know about me.

What’s the best way to do that in Webflow?

Thanks so much,

Try to make the “other” part of the form a text link so when they select it, they can be redirected to another form . :slightly_smiling_face:


How familiar are you with triggers?

You can easily create a textbox on the first form and make it opacity 0%. This will keep the textbox hidden for now. Once we have that established, we can set a trigger on our radio button to once clicked change the textbox opacity to 100% so it is visible for input. Then in case the user miss clicked, we can set the second click of the radio button to return the textbox opacity back to 0%.

Hope that helps. There are video tutorials on how to utilize triggers but if you require direct assistance you can shoot me a message.

Happy Designing,


How does that work? I enter the options that are available to chose from in the right menu and I can only enter plain text there.

Hi dL0,

I am familiar with triggers. I would love to use one to show the textbox when the “other” option is selected in the select field. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use this as a trigger.

Let me know if my description is unclear.


Please see this quick demo that I made for your purposes. Let me know if I can assist you in any other way.

Happy Webflowing,


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Thanks so much for your help. I intended to use a “select” box instead of radio buttons (see picture attached). If it doesnt work with the “select” box I will probably switch to radios.

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