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Form response substitutions ... a wish!

The reply-to field substitution is really great. Replying directly to the submitter with “{{First Name}} {{Last Name}} <{{Email}}>” is excellent. The columns from my CMS are substituted into the field and voila … reply to submitter!

Why can’t we use that same substitution ability in the subject and body of the email? For example, I’d like to have a subject = “Website inquiry by {{First Name}} {{Last Name}} from {{Company}}” or a body that says “{{First Name}} {{Last Name}} (email: {{Email}}) from {{Company}} inquired about the following topics: {{Interested In}} and left the following message: {{Message}}”

This seems like a small change that would make a big difference!

Hi @Hank, nice idea, I like the direction you are going with that. A great place to leave your comments on this feature is on the wishlist:

I would love to have your vote and comments.