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[Form] Replicate Webflow contact form after export to client server?

Hello Webflow forums,

Hope all is well with everyone,

I have two big concerns regarding exporting a site designed in Webflow and host on clients existing server and they are…

  1. I believe that the contact form designed in Webflow will certainly no longer work once I export it to a clients server. How do I then keep it looking the same visually (if that is a problem in itself) but more importantly how can i get it to function the same? I am not a coder (although I am about to learn Obj-C and soon Swift for iOS development)
    So if a a piece of code is needed to be written so that the contact form works perfectly, what script do i need to include and where do i put it (I do not intend to use a CMS just yet)

  2. Will my design in Webflow still be responsive and behave the exactly the same as it would in Webflow once I upload the HTML and CSS files onto a different server?

I hope someone can please address my concerns with an easy to follow solution :smile:

Thank you

Kind regards,


Ok just stumbled across this

I would though still appreciate another explanation from someone please who has successfully done this and perhaps a brief run through of their process? :smile: